Meme Slang

Seeing this meme made me realize extra must be more than vaguely derogatory. Here's my favorite Urban Dictionary definition: adjective/noun: anything excessive, unnecessary, uncalled for, inappropriate, out of place, etc.; basically anything that shouldn't be there or have been said I'm learning that in many uses, extra calls out someone for acting melodramatic in an … Continue reading Meme Slang

Reddit Creates World’s Largest Collaborative Art Project

As an April Fool's prank, Reddit created a million-pixel canvas called r/place. They let users place single-pixel tiles anywhere on the canvas. Tiles were available in sixteen different colors and users could place as many as they liked with one restriction—they could only place every five minutes. Reddit left the project open for 72 hours. … Continue reading Reddit Creates World’s Largest Collaborative Art Project

Wiki Meetup

Dr. Veronica Paredes created a Wiki Meetup page for the various workshops she's doing while visiting WSU. It includes a section for our class. Pay a visit and contribute to the roundup of articles that we're all working on for Project 1. Dr. Paredes will have more instructions for us tomorrow morning.

Message from Schulz

Kirk Schulz, the President of WSU, sent around an important message today. I'm not sure if the email circulated among students as well, so I'm posting the relevant passage here. Please know that any developments to immigration policy concern our community in profound ways. This is our issue—let's stand united. Washington State is dedicated to … Continue reading Message from Schulz

What Does Digital Culture Look Like?

One of the key functions of art is to represent the world we inhabit. That might be simple enough, except that our experience of the world is infinitely complex. It’s physical and embodied, it’s emotional, it’s intellectual, it’s simultaneously concrete and abstract, it’s rhizomatic but organized by hierarchical social institutions. And in a world saturated … Continue reading What Does Digital Culture Look Like?